ROWERS and Wakeboarders show force in numbers at the Oregon State Marine Board meeting on the proposed rules to close Ross Island and the Holgate Channel to Wakeboarding and Boating. The ruling was denied on July 27th, 2009 to close the main channel but on Oct 13th the lagoon was made a 5mph zone. PRTOTECT YOUR RIDING SPOTS GIRLS!!! Give kayakers lots of room and exnay on the Gaper style power turns!
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NW4 CLINIC VOTE: NW4 is planning out our 2011 clinics and you get to vote on when and where they're gonna be! Email Emily at emily@nw4online.com to tell her where and when you wanna clinic!!
NEED NEW GEAR?? Now is the time to buy 2010 boards and bindings at a discount! For some of the best deals we've seen check out activewake.com, wakeside.com (makesure to check their "Weekly Washout" often) or buywake.com.
WAKEGIRLS are blowin it up with vid and news from the Florida Women's Wake scene. Check out some of there vids with riders like Amber Wing, Hayley Smith, Anna Hajak and more of their local women shredders!
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EVENING WITH THE STARS!! Active Wake's anuual night out with the big wigs in wake... Come hang with other local wakeboarders and sun lovers and get to smooze with some of the Industries top riders from Orlando, Plus, there's free food!

Nov 19, 2010 - 7pm to 10 pm

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